HKEOP was invited to attend a discussion panel (Challenges of Participatory Democracy in Asia) at the 2020 Busan Democracy Forum on 3 December, 2020. Ever since the pan-democratic camp won over 85% of the seats at 2019’s District Council Election, the civil society in Hong Kong has faced immense challenge posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as the implementation of the National Security Law. We dissected how these two events eroded the rights enshrined within the Hong Kong Basic Law, as well as how they stifled Hong Kong’s pro-democratic actions. We hoped to have brought some insight and raised awareness to our friends in Asia through this great opportunity – particularly the suppression of civil participation, post-NSL judiciary system, and the future of Hong Kong’s electoral democracy.

Presentation Slides:Busan Democracy Forum 2020 – Challenges of Participatory Democracy – The Case of Hong Kong
Additional Information:Busan Democracy Forum 2020