The Election Observation Project (EOP) urges for clarification from Registration and Electoral Office on the rumour of recruiting police officers to be poll station staff for the LegCo Election 2020.

A facebook page dated 14 May 2020 about 9 pm posted a photo showing a suspected internal memo of the Police regarding the recruitment and detailed the police rank requirements for different positions of polling officers.

The primary role for the Registration and Electoral Office is to ensure that elections in Hong Kong are conducted openly, fairly and honestly. We, EOP, would like to state that to maintain the Police and all law enforcement authorities the highest impartiality is the key to perform this role, and neither the Police nor any law enforcement authorities should be the polling officers.

We urge the Registration and Electoral Office to clarify the rumour and will send a letter to the Office to follow up.

The facebook post:

傑出男公關发布于 2020年5月14日周四


The Election Observation Project (EOP):
The Comparative Governance and Policy Research Centre of the Department of Government & International Studies at Hong Kong Baptist University and Civil Rights Observer establish The Election Observation Project (EOP) with an objective to become an independent academic and civil society platform for the 2020 LegCo election and 2019 District Council election. EOP offers support to election monitoring networks in all the 18 districts in Hong Kong and conducts a comprehensive examination on the electoral process in line with international standards for free and fair elections.



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