Elections: Hong Kong, Practices and Conduct – A Poster Session

By May 31, 2021 No Comments

HKEOP hopes to engage with the public and promote the value of genuine electoral practices in Hong Kong. At the end of the school semester, more than 60 students collaborated on a election-related project at Hong Kong Baptist University’s TriAngle.

The political science students, led by Dr. Chan, presented their findings on Electoral Integrity in selected jurisdictions and Hong Kong at a poster session on 19 April 2021.

The students were grouped into 7 teams to carry out a series of timely research on a wide range of subjects such as the principles and conduct of Election Observation; auditing Campaign Expenses; execution and Pros and Cons of Special Voting Arrangements amid the Covid-19 pandemic.

Several of them have developed action plans at the community level to promote informed deliberation and to engage the electoral authorities in Hong Kong.

We are extremely pleased with the work done by the political science students and hope they continue to engage with others to build a conscious and informed mass in Hong Kong.


The projects and the poster session were generously supported by the Centre for Innovative Service-Learning of Hong Kong Baptist University.