The Comparative Governance and Policy Research Centre of the Hong Kong Baptist University and the civil organisation Civil Rights Observer will establish the Election Observation Project with the objective to become an independent civil academic platform for the 2019 District Council Election that offers support to the election monitoring networks in all the 18 districts in Hong Kong, and conducts comprehensive examination on the whole election process.

The election Observation Project, as an evidence-based research initiative for electoral integrity in Hong Kong, launches “Election Observation Hotline” for the upcoming District Council Elections today. It aims at engaging every citizen to observe the electioneering and voting day of District Council Elections in accordance with the principle of a “open, fair and honest election”. The Hotline receives text messages and self-recorded multimedia materials.
Our student helpers will collect the data for triangulation. Please provide your observation with the corresponding constituency and district council. We may follow up with you when necessary. Election Observation Hotline:
Telegram: @hotline19hkeop
WhatsApp: +85297424472
Media Contact: Mr. Eric Lai (93896460 / )
Dated on 24th October 2019